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Antivandal Cabins

Antivandal Cabins
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Spectrum all steel antivandal units are ideal in vulnerable locations or where a high degree of security is required.

They are most commonly used as storage containers, antivandal cabins, Site storage containers container cabins, security cabins, temporary sports changing facilities and office cabins.

Extensive range of all steel secure antivandal cabins delivered anywhere.


  • Welded steel construction to roof and walls with internal release mechanisms for windows and 'jimmy' proof doors.
  • All steel doors with multipoint locking system.
  • Heavy duty roller slide steel window shutters.
  • Robust profiled steel walls and roof for strength and security.
  • Fully fitted with electrics, heating, wall and floor finishes.


  • Antivandal Cabins
  • Storage Containers
  • Portable Offices / Office Cabins
  • Portable Classrooms / Classroom Cabins
  • Container Storage
  • Security Cabins
  • Toilets
  • Canteens
  • Temporary sports changing facilities
  • Sports Pavilions
  • Laboratories

Extras Available:

  • Toilet and Canteen Fit Out.
  • Carpeting, Office & Canteen Furniture.
  • Sports Shower / Changing Room Fit Out

Typical Cabins

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